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To a would be King (selected verses)

 [   There have been others before thee, Conqueror, Who compassed more than thy ambitions hold, Held greater worlds in fee, and grasped more And swifter swords than thine, with surer hold. They were so great it seemed they lit

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In the Desert Today (selected verses)

  What did I see in the desert to-day, In the cold, pale light of dawn? I saw the Honeys creaking out, Their brave, bright pennants torn; And heads were high against the sky, And faces were grim and drawn.

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M.E. Medley

  Everywhere Radios blare, Sordid street and city square; Wailing music thin and high, Jungle rhythm from the sky; Stench and squalor, Tom-tom beat, Blinding glare, and plaguing heat; Howling hell of every breed, Every colour, every creed, Indigo Nubian,

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Battle Interlude

The ground shuddered, the canvas shook, In the darkness flash on flash Swept from left to right And right to left; One here, another one there, One this side, then that side,~ Ever faster.  Now A dim horizon is a

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A Soldier – His Prayer

(This anonymous poem was blown by the wind into a slit trench at El Agheila, Libya, during a heavy bombardment). Stay with me, God. The night is dark, The night is cold: my little spark Of courage dies. The night

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