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John was in the maintenance unit for the Western Desert Air Force.  He visited Alamein for the 67th anniversary in 2009.  He recalls his first impressions of Egypt and along with Harry, reads ‘M.E. Medley.’

John was a great fan of music, and fondly recalls the song Lili Marlene that drifted across the desert from the German side and became a theme tune for the Eighth Army as well as the German forces.

Click here to read ‘M.E. Medley.’

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  1. First read ME Medley over forty years ago in the Sunday Times colour supplement from 'Howling Hell…….Backsheesh'. Memorised the lines then. Trying to memorise the rest of them now. Father was in the RAF ground crews at North Luffenham.  

    • Great that you can still remember it all these years later.  It's a very catchy poem.  Did you keep the supplement?

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