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5 Comments on “GET IN TOUCH

  1. Hi, I’ve recently come across the Poems in the Desert anthology, found your website, and wondered how the film you mention is progressing. Originally I was planning to do a story on the book for our poetry website Write Out Loud, which I will still do, but I’d like to mention the film as well.

    Best wishes, Greg Freeman, News, Write Out Loud

  2. My father was a doctor in the Eighth Army, in both North Africa and Italy. I have his copy of the book of poetry that came after Poems from the Desert — Poems from Italy (“Verses written by Members of the Eighth Army in Sicily and Italy, July 1943-March 1944.”) I’m fascinated to discover your website. Please do put me on your list.

    • Thanks for your comments and apologies for delay in replying.  Your father must have some very interesting stories to tell, so do feel free to post any photos etc..  Really glad you’ve discovered our film.  There were indeed two books of Eighth Army poetry, ‘Poems from the Desert’ and ‘Poems from Italy.’  We’ll be updating the website over the next couple of months and will make sure to add you to our mailing list.

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