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Harry Garrett

     HARRY GARRETT, GUNNER  Harry Garrett, 96, was a sergeant in the 51st Highland Division, in charge of a gun team – a dangerous job, he was blown to unconsciousness several times, and his best friend, Ebenezer Lee, killed

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White Cliffs (extracts)

Thou art a gem; and, set within a sea Of azure blue, thy white cliffs nobly rise. Rugged and yet beautiful they guard thee. Thou art too rare, thou art a wond’rous prize. Many’s the time thou hast been beset,

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A Soldier – His Prayer

(This anonymous poem was blown by the wind into a slit trench at El Agheila, Libya, during a heavy bombardment). Stay with me, God. The night is dark, The night is cold: my little spark Of courage dies. The night

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