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In the Desert Today (selected verses)

  What did I see in the desert to-day, In the cold, pale light of dawn? I saw the Honeys creaking out, Their brave, bright pennants torn; And heads were high against the sky, And faces were grim and drawn.

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Morning after the Barrage at El Alamein

There’s a Devil in the dawn – Horrific spawn of last night’s hideous moon, That hung above the gun’s inferno And smiled on men who died too soon. There’s a Devil in the dawn – See him fawn on those

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M.E. Medley

  Everywhere Radios blare, Sordid street and city square; Wailing music thin and high, Jungle rhythm from the sky; Stench and squalor, Tom-tom beat, Blinding glare, and plaguing heat; Howling hell of every breed, Every colour, every creed, Indigo Nubian,

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Battle Interlude

The ground shuddered, the canvas shook, In the darkness flash on flash Swept from left to right And right to left; One here, another one there, One this side, then that side,~ Ever faster.  Now A dim horizon is a

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Desert Warfare

A universe of space, infinite sands, Unbroken line to mark off cloudless blue. A shimmering heat that plucks the very life Of withered thorns which strive and stretch out shoots Groping in vain to take a hold on life. The

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Owen Roberts

    OWEN ROBERTS, gunner Owen was a troop leader in the gunners during the North African campaign.  An architecture student, he used to draw sketches of military vehicles during his time as a soldier.  Nature plays a vivid part of

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A Soldier – His Prayer

(This anonymous poem was blown by the wind into a slit trench at El Agheila, Libya, during a heavy bombardment). Stay with me, God. The night is dark, The night is cold: my little spark Of courage dies. The night

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